Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Zoot Suit- San Quentin

Valdez paints San Quentin as a place better than where the boys were even though its prison. Joey is now using violence in a positive way as he is "hero of the San Quentin athletic program." (pg 73) All of boys seemed to have improved themselves as they do everything from play sports to learn watch repairing. They are also portrayed as improving their reading and math skills. For everyone in the gang, San Quentin is a positive change, Joey even claims to have "learned my lesson." (pg 74) Valdez does this in order to show that for most of the gang, any place was better than L.A.

For Henry, his change only occurs after fighting a guard. In solitary he rejects El Pachuco. He does this because he still has hope that he will be set free, not just from prison, but from everything the Pachuco image represents.

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