Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dahlia: Polar Palace

"Shortly after 3:00 we headed south on Van Ness, a run by Van Ness Elementary. We were a block away, going by the Polar Palace, when green De Soto BV 1432 passed us in the opposite direction and pulled into the parking lot in front of the rink." pp. 51-52.

Where Bucky apprehends Coleman Maynard.

The Polar Palace

The Polar Palace ice rink was a famous arena that hosted prominent shows, figure skating championships, ice-hockey tournaments. It was built to be the "finest" rink in Los Angeles.
Unfortunately, the Palace was destroyed by a fire in 1963.
The juxtaposition of fire and ice was interesting, if perhaps coincidental.
The long-term instability of the rink is another example of the shifting LA landscape, in which landmarks such as the Polar Palace, burn to the ground and bury their historical importance and legacy under its own wreckage. Without looking up the Polar Palace in an encyclopedia/internet etc. one would not be able to imagine the rink as it once stood, nor imagine the rink as it relates to its location.

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