Thursday, November 1, 2007

Hollers- Restaurant

“We served you this time but we don not want your patronage in the future” (60).

Welcome to “solid white America” (56)— an upscale restaurant in “the best hotel in town” (46). When Bob and Alice arrive, the waiter apologizes, “ ‘We are sorry, but all the tables are reserved’ ” (57). This space has been set aside for “solid white America.” This scene begs us to examine how land is organized in Los Angeles and how the organization of physical space maintains the ideologies of the powerful. How does access and mobility interact with race, class, and the social geography of an urban landscape? In Bob’s dream, the president of the shipyard corporation says, “ ‘Niggers can take it as long as you give it to them’ ” (69). The social geography of Los Angeles has been carved by “solid white America.” Bob insists on going to the restaurant and his insistence can be read as an attempt to disrupt and refuse a racist organization of space.

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