Sunday, November 18, 2007

Patssi Valdez and the Idea of Pachucho/a


I just wanted to give more information on the talk I brought up in class on Thursday. As I said a little bit, it was about the Chicano Movement in the early 70s and how the young people then used some style/attitude/art that related back to the concept of the Pachucho. Specifically, the speaker addressed Patssi Valdez, a prominent female revolutionary who relied heavily on the style of the pachuca. We saw slides of her clothing and some of the performance art she did, which reminded me of talking about theatre and anthropology and how the two are connected. The work she did was never repeated except through specifically chosen images that were captured on film. This, obviously, changes the way she interacted with her audience.

Anyway, the speaker had a lot of interesting stuff and knew a bunch about Zoot Suit (she's teaching it in a class  next semester at Scripps) so if any of you want to explore that topic or anything to do with how the Pachuco concept from the 30s/40s came back in the 70s for the Chicano movement--contact her!

Her name is Marci McMahon ( and she's in the Chicana/o Studies department at Scripps. She also works with a lot of literature and is interested in the idea of how lit interacts with film, art, history, landscape, etc.

I'll see ya'll Tuesday,

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