Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dahlia: Mr. Fire and Mr. Ice

The moment that Bucky views his best friend on the ground, in the burial site, on the coast of Mexico, is an extremely important instant in the novel. Here, in a different country, vastly different environment, Lee is put away, to lie among many other bodies. Mr. Fire (Lee) has finally been put out by the water. Yet, here Mr. Ice (Bucky) becomes enraged, finally pulling himself together, and melts away any last remaining doubts to the case. Throughout the novel, Lee has run around, angry and extremely passionate about the case. Even while missing, Mr. Fire's presence is felt in the novel, in the case, and in Kay's and Bucky's life. He burned himself and his importance into the novel, which is quite characteristic of Lee. On the other hand, Mr. Ice is not really as damaging, until the end. Bucky does not have as scorching an effect as Lee does in the novel towards the beginning, yet once Bucky gains respect, knowledge, and experience, he cuts into several lives, freezes the culprits, and finishes off the case. This location, on the coast of Mexico, far off from Los Angeles, is important to the two officers, Mr. Fire and Mr. Ice. The fiery city of Los Angeles was too destructive for Mr. Fire. He continued to ruin himself with the Short case, as he was so passionate about everything related to the murder. It was in Mexico that Mr. Fire was finally put out by the water and the calming environment. He did die out violently, like fire, in the hands of a Los Angeles resident, yet this was possible in the location on the coast of Mexico. Mr. Ice gained the fire back from his best friend here as well, signifying how the waters surrounding Ensenada did not completely burn out the passion of the case.

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