Thursday, October 11, 2007

Locust - Wayneville, Iowa

Homer Simpson comes from Wayneville, Iowa—yet another Iowan to add to our collection (and Tod's—the fact that Homer is from the Midwest makes him "like most of the people he was interested in" (52), another face to add to his painting). Unlike most of the Iowans one encounters in Los Angeles, however, Homer's not out to become the next Bogart. He was sent to Southern California for his health. Inevitably, though, Homer becomes caught up in and a victim of the Los Angeles lifestyle, mostly because of his attachment to Faye. Though Homer's never the healthiest, most stable guy, in Wayneville he held a steady job counting money. Once he moves to Los Angeles, though, he idles around staring at lizards and bringing gifts to a girl who doesn't want them. In the middle of the riot, he tires of the big city, and declares that he'll be walking back to Wayneville (193).

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