Thursday, October 11, 2007

Locust - The San Bernardino Arms

Though we don't know where Tod lives initially, it's reasonable to assume that when he moves into the San Bernardino Arms, he's moving up into the hills—away from his job, and up to a place where he can get a better view of the real city. From his third-floor window he is enough removed from the bustle of the city to see it clearly—plus, the characters that populate the San Berdoo are largely the sort of people he wants to paint.

The fact that Faye and her father, both of whom are fully invested in the Hollywood mythos, live up in the hills is odd—it's also possibly symbolic of their distance from the city and all it represents. They're within walking distance of Hollywood and all its glamour, and they look at it from their living room window every morning, but they haven't actually made it there.

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