Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Devil-Carter's Building

"Talking to Mr. Todd Carter was a strange experience...but I had seen it before. Mr. Todd Carter was so rich that he didn't even consider me in human terms. He could tell me anything. I could have been a prized dog that he knelt to and hugged when he felt low. It was the worst kind of racism. The fact that he didn't recognize our difference showed that he didn't care a damn about me."(166)

Something that stood out to us in this quote is that Easy mentions that he had had this experience before. We drew a parallel with this to his time in the war. In times of despair, one is likely to do things one would not do under normal circumstances. Fighting side by side with white soldiers, Easy could sense their contempt. Although they were forced to work together, the white men did not act like they were working with equals. The way the white soldiers treated the black soldiers is also similar to how Easy dehumanizes the enemies he killed.

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