Friday, December 21, 2007


I realize this is a little late and will be pretty brief, but, having written my paper on driving in LA and my blog assignment having been Play it As it Lays, I have been thinking a lot about driving in the city. Growing up, I have spent a lot of time on the freeways (mostly the 10 and the 405), but I never thought about them too much--traffic, which exit to get off at, but not really what they "meant." After a lot of the reading from this class, I see them so differently now. I strain to see over the sides, to the communities down below that Buzzworm talks about (which, even if you are looking for them, are invisible). I try to imagine someone changing four lanes without breaking. Maybe Maria could do it in the 60s, but the way things are now, no one could any more. I consider the idea of trying to be a detective in the modern landscape. It seems that it would be easier for a detective to blend in amongst all of the cars, but also easier for the pursued. I wonder, could those stories about driving the way it was still be created today, or are conditions too different, too changed? I'm glad to have a new perspective on something that I have, and continue to interract with so frequently, but, in a way, had been sort of invisible.

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