Thursday, September 27, 2007

Geiger's Home at Laverne Terrace

"The flash bulb was the sheet lightning I had seen. The crazy scream was the doped and naked girl's reaction to it. The three shots had been somebody else's idea of how the proceedings might be given a new twist. The idea of the lad who had gone down the back steps and slammed into a car and raced away. I could see merit in his point of view." (36)

"Don't kid me, son. The fag gave you one. You've got a nice clean manly little room in there. He shooed you out and locked it up when he had lady visitors. He was like Caesar, a husband to women and a wife to men. Think I can't figure people like him and you out." (100)

From afar, Marlowe witnesses the murder of Geiger within his house in the Hollywood Hills. Later we see that it is the so-called sordid images of the characters that condemn them more so than their crimes.

The picture of a house in Hollywood Hills was taken from "Raymond Chandler's Los Angeles" by Alain Silver and Elizabeth Ward.

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